A New Challenge for 2021

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By Pat Wilson

You may remember a few years ago when “Mayhem,” the character from the Allstate Insurance Company ad campaign, turned over a new leaf, choosing to be helpful rather than creating havoc for which he had become known.  It was the beginning of the New Year, and like most New Year’s resolutions, Mayhem’s resolve lasted only a couple of weeks before he reverted to his old habits.

Let’s be real:  resolving to break an old habit and create a new one, or just forming a new habit without breaking an old one, is really hard.  Research suggests that the time it takes to form a habit is highly varied among individuals, ranging from as little as 18 days to as many as 254.  However, that something is hard is not a reason to forego trying.   

So, we’re going to try something new:  A series of 30-day challenges to encourage building or enhancing good leadership habits.  We harbor no illusion that 30 days is sufficient for most of us form a last-lasting habit.  The idea of a 30-day challenge is not even original to us.  However, if not the start of a lasting habit, perhaps 30 days of focusing on a specific leadership goal will result in some modest improvement or modification in one’s leadership skills.

We plan to participate in each of the challenges.  We hope that you will too, and that you’ll share your thoughts with us about how it’s going.  Stay tuned for the first challenge, coming up in a few days.

If you like this post, don’t forget to share it with others!